Since her graduation from Ege University in 1985, she has provided great services in order to design, implement and timeless the functional, livable, sustainable landscapes.

 She continued her career as a landscape architect in public institutions for many years and later served as the parks and Gardens Directorate and deputy mayor and during her term of office, many urban projects, institutional Gardens, neighborhood-city parks, sports complexes, etc. she led the planning, implementation.

In 2007, by opening its own office, it has been providing its customers with the experience and experiences gained for long years in the corporate and public spheres.

 She is a member of the Chamber of Landscape Architects and has been active in the foundation stages of the Association of Landscape Architects and chamber. For many years, the Chamber of Landscape Architects has been the president of Muğla province.

 She was a member of the co-ordination and jury in many public landscape architecture projects and competitions, and she was a speaker in professional meetings. She has also been active in many social responsibility projects.

 She was a board member of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism.

Her work has been published in many journals and publications.

 Yurdanur UZUN continues to share and transfer the professional experience and experience gained by many years with its team, young colleagues and customers.